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How Chinese culture concerns you as an agent?


While news appears rampantly about Chinese buying overseas property sight unseen, Chinese buyers are also very cautious when investing in overseas properties.

After all, like a fish out of water, everything is different and unfamiliar for them in a foreign country. So, trust is essential in working with Chinese buyers. Yet, how do you earn their trust?

Having an understanding or at least a familiarity of their culture can pave the way, as well as help build their trust and confidence in you. Subsequently, this shapes you and your business for more successful transactions with Chinese.

That said, here are five cultural tips to help you when working with Chinese investors:

1. Adopt a Chinese name
This will make your name stand out from the rest, and make it much easier for them to remember. Just think of how difficult it can be for you to remember Chinese names.

2. Learn some basic greetings
Efforts in learning their language to better communicate with them will not only convey your sincerity, but also put them more at ease. It also shows respect for their culture.

Present/Receive business card with both hands
Chinese etiquette dictates both hands are necessary when exchanging cards as a gesture of respect. Upon receiving their card, be sure to make a show of perusing it, and then tuck it away carefully.

Refrain from cracking jokes or speaking in slangs
Even if you are fluent in Mandarin, western humour may not translate well or worse, accidentally offend them. Similarly, slangs or figure of speech may cause confusion or miscommunication, so sticking to simple English is the best.

Practice the concept of “face”
Unlike Westerners who tend to be more direct and blunt. Chinese believe in “giving face” – an act of giving deference to someone else – as a show of respect. Equally important is to make sure you don’t accidentally cause your Chinese buyers to “lose face”.


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