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Think global. Act local.

These words make sense in today’s world, changing from local to global. The coming decade more Chinese people will invest, work and live in Europe. Europe should welcome the Chinese people and see their interest in Europe as a big complement. And also feel the opportunities in their businesses.

China thinks of Europe as a developed part of the world where China is still developing in many ways. However its strong economic growth of the last decades as well as their merge to develop can be an example for Europe. China should now develop more in a social way and building a sustainable environment. In a difference to Europe, who was maybe too social the last decades, ‘till the crisis came in 2008, and where the people lived above there economical capability. Now it might be time to act different.

In Europe the banks have a shortage in their funds of more than 500 billion. This means the coming decade(s) the financing should come from other funds and companies. In the end you can say, to develop our economic growth in Europe we can no longer think local.

The mentality on both sides should be win-win. Let me explain. If you do business you want both parties to benefit from the results, you will built a partnership together to make it a long term business. Therefor the keyword is trust. Trust each other in doing business, to create more value on both sides. Not looking at each other but looking in the same direction. It will all begin by opening up the gates and respect each culture. Learn from each other.

However, from a Europe perspective we should think about this coming emigration and integration. Over the last centuries Europe has experienced a lot of integration of different cultures. Some with success, some with less success. The European Union should start with making a policy that will actually help the Chinese integrate in Europe, also by taking away some of the barriers.

China, with more than 2 billion citizens, is the largest market in the world. It is the fastest-growing segment in buying overseas Real Estate. The Chinese people are looking for a better quality of life and good (international) education for their children.

To do business with the Chinese you should invest time and effort, a friendship worth’s more than a signed contract…in the end it is all about Trust! is a European Real Estate platform for Chinese buyers and investors. The key to China for European Real Estate companies. Now we offer the European Real Estate agents to join us for free and start their campaign in China today! We think global and act local. © 2015 荷兰At Amsterdam B.V. 版权所有.