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Get behind the Great Firewall of China...
Websites hosted outside of China can be blocked by the government or experience an upload time of over 2 minutes. Today’s customers expect a better service and will search for another way to find their information. Fang.eu is being host in China Mainland and can reach out to the potential Chinese buyers. 

Free consulting service for agents and Chinese buyers. A team of professionals will help you to connect with the Chinese buyers, for example with the translation of inquiries.

Face to face in contact with potential Chinese Buyers? Fang.eu can organize a combined exhibition with proper translators for European agents to show your best properties in China.

Our China’s sale team has years of marketing experience in Real Estate, you can connect with us to discuss the options to promote your project in China.

*China.com is number 16 in China’s ranking with more than 3 million daily unique visitors

Chinese have their own social media which is really popular in use, like WeChat and Weibo. These are the substitutes for services we know as WhatsApp and Facebook. Fang.eu offers agent the opportunity to promote their company online with the use of these services.

The way for you to connect with the Chinese buyers. Here you can upload your company info and start the upload of your best properties.

Less than 1% of the population of China Mainland speak English. To promote your properties you can choose to use our professional translation service to make your property description in Chinese language written in a tone and style that suits the Chinese buyer.

Fang.eu is being host in China Mainland and accessible for the Chinese internet users.

The property key features will be shown on the website in Chinese language. This makes it much easier for the Chinese buyer to read.

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