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 Most Chinese buyers are less price sensitive, if they perceive the long-term value of an investment.
 Chinese buyers are no speculators, they are only interested in today’s market value and not in a few years.
Chinese buyers are interested in developments which involve economic growth on a long-term. For example a new infrastructure or the expansion of a university.
Most Chinese buyers will use their home investment for educational purposes and prefer to live close to International schools or Universities.
Most Chinese buyers like to live close to Chinese friends, to make their lives more convenient.
Most Chinese buyers prefer to live in a place where they can find luxury shops with world’s best brands.
Extra services as viewing trips and local services.

Chinese buyers are the fastest-growing segment of global property buyers

70% of the Chinese buyers pay cash for property purchases

Motivations for buying overseas:

Emigration – 60% of the wealthy Chinese
Investment – 64% of the wealthy Chinese
Education – 85% of the wealthy Chinese

Wealth numbers of the Chinese population
63 million – upper-middle-class Chinese
2.8 million – high-net-worth Chinese
220 million – affluent Chinese by 2022
90 million – online property seekers

65% of affluent Chinese consider the internet as the key to find information

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